Business and Management


Assignment Content
* Interview a leader in your organization or another organization. If certain restrictions prevent you from having a face-to-face interview, please reach out to your faculty member. (Deliverable) Obtain a signed consent form from the interviewee. You can send the consent form via email and have the interviewee sign, scan, and return it to you via email. You will be placing the signed consent form in an appendix for the assignment. (Deliverable) Include the following questions in your interview. You can add additional questions of your own if you choose. You will be including the questions and responses in an appendix for the assignment.
* What can leaders do to inspire teams to perform at their best?
* What challenges do you face in maximizing team performance? What do you do to alleviate these challenges?
* What are the top 5 leadership skills for successfully building and leading teams?
* How do excellent leaders develop followership?
* What are some important decision-making strategies that leaders might use? Which of these strategies do you feel is most effective and why?
* What are some ethical concerns faced by leaders? How might you deal with these ethical concerns?
* In qualitative research, when the data from interviews are analyzed and the findings discussed, the researcher will use some quotes from interviewees to validate the discussion. You will do this in your synthesized discussion, as described below. (Deliverable) Write a 3-page synthesized discussion on team leadership based on this week’s readings and your interview. Note: The focus of this discussion should be on team leadership, not the interview process.
* Include the interview questions and responses in an appendix as a list or tablet. You need to use some interview responses in your synthesized discussion to validate the information from the readings.
* Cite the interview responses as personal communication per the APA manual.
* Include the signed consent form in an appendix.
* Tip: You may find it helpful to locate a qualitative research dissertation in ProQuest to gain additional insight on reporting findings and how researchers provide quotes from interviews. Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources. You may use your textbook or the selected resources from the University Library. Do not limit yourself to the selected resources as the University Library has a wealth of peer-reviewed sources for your research. Format your paper according to APA guidelines using the APA Paper Template Doctoral 7th Edition. A well-structured scholarly paragraph contains a minimum of 5 sentences. Please refer to the MEAL Plan document as a guide. Include APA-formatted in-text citations and references.
* Paragraphing with the MEAL Plan
M – Main Idea
Every paragraph should have one main idea. If you find that your paragraphs have more than one main idea, separate your paragraphs so that each has only one main point. The idea behind a paragraph is to introduce an idea and expand upon it. If you veer off into a new topic, begin a new paragraph.
E – Evidence or Examples
Your main idea needs support, either in the form of evidence that buttresses your argument or examples that explain your idea. If you don’t have any evidence or examples to support your main idea, your idea may not be strong enough to warrant a complete paragraph. In this case, re-evaluate your idea and see whether you need even to keep it in the paper.
A – Analysis
Analysis is the heart of academic writing. While your readers want to see evidence or examples of your idea, the real “meat” of your idea is your interpretation of your evidence or examples: how you break them apart, compare them to other ideas, use them to build a persuasive case, demonstrate their strengths or weaknesses, and so on. Analysis is especially important if your evidence (E) is a quote from another author. Always follow a quote with your analysis of the quote, demonstrating how that quote helps you to make your case. If you let a quote stand on its own, then the author of that quote will have a stronger voice in your paragraph (and maybe even your paper) than you will.
L – Link
Links help your reader to see how your paragraphs fit together. When you end a paragraph, try to link it to something else in your paper, such as your thesis or argument, the previous paragraph or main idea, or the following paragraph. Creating links will help your reader understand the logic and organization of your paper, as well as the logic and organization of your argument or main points.
Duke University (2006). Paragraphing: The MEAL plan. Retrieved from

Environmental Science

Change,” by elizabeth pennisi.

I attached a file you need to read carefully so there will be no mistakes or revisions.
I’d like you to write about these 2 articles that I chose.
1.) “Scientists Exposed Plants to a Yearlong Drought. The result is Worrying For Climate
Change,” by Elizabeth Pennisi.
2.) Weiskopf, S. R., Rubenstein, M. A., Crozier, L. G., Gaichas, S., Griffis, R., Halofsky, J.
E., … & Whyte, K. P. (2020). Climate change affects biodiversity, ecosystems, ecosystem
services, and natural resource management in the United States. Science of the Total


Read chapter then asnwer question

read chapter then asnwer question
1. If you were to plan an incentive travel meeting/event, what city/state or country would you pick and why? (please give at least three reasons as to why but no more than five)

Human Relations

Page and reference page) and should be in apa format.

One of the challenges for professionals in the Human Resource field is effectively
dealing with ambiguity. Like management in general, not every situation will
have clearly defined “right” answer or solution to a problem. Therefore, HR
professionals often rely on their own personal judgment as well as applicable
company policies/procedures and applicable employment laws in order to resolve
situations in the workplace.
Given these considerations, students will need to write a paper that includes:
1) Research on both the technical skills (i.e. knowledge of employment laws,
general business knowledge, etc.) and the behavioral skills (i.e. judgment,
communication, etc.) that would be important for an HR professional to
2) Your position on which type of skills are more important for HR
professional to have. For example, if you were to hire an HR Generalist
with two candidates to choose from, one stronger in the technical skills
and the other in behavioral skills, which would person would you choose
and why?
This paper should be approximately 3-5 pages in length (not including the cover
page and reference page) and should be in APA format.


Is it simply providing illumination or is it used in a way that contributes to mood or meaning?

Select any three from below and answer from the movie “Life of Pi”.
☐ 1. As you watch the film or clip, be alert to the overall mise-en-scène and how it shapes your interpretation and experience.

2. Identify the elements of the mise-en-scène that seem to be contributing the most to your experience and understanding of story and character in a scene or shot.

3. Be alert to the composition of individual shots. Where are figures and other significant elements placed? Is the composition balanced or does it use compositional stress? What is the relationship among the figures in the foreground, middle ground, and background?

4. How is lighting used? Is it simply providing illumination or is it used in a way that contributes to mood or meaning?

5. How does the shot, scene, or film use kinesis? Is Movement minimal or extreme? Is the movement limited to figure movement within the frame, or is the camera moving, or both? How does the movement (or lack thereof) contribute to your experience and understanding of the characters and story?

6. Does the movie’s design have a unified feel? How do the various elements of the design (the sets, props, costumes, makeup, hairstyles, etc.) work together?

7. Was achieving verisimilitude important to the design of this film or clip? If so, have the filmmakers succeeded in making the overall mise-en-scène feel real, or verisimilar? If the mise-en-scène is stylized, what do you think the filmmakers were attempting to convey with the design?


Then, you are expected to write a response paper of 650-800 words

For Response Paper 1, you need to read the article “Early adverse childhood experiences and exclusionary discipline in high school” from Social Science Research (Pierce, Jones, & Gibbs 2021). Then, you are expected to write a response paper of 650-800 words


Behavior, and feelings towards food as you developed this paper?

Each one of us is a stakeholder in the food system. Some, perhaps most of us, come from rich food traditions.
For some of us there may be strong religious and spiritual connections with food. Regardless of our heritage,
each of us has a relationship with food that transcends the functional, the mere nutritional delivery of vitamins,
lipids, proteins, and trace minerals. This assignment calls for a deeply reflective paper on your personal
relationship with food and your current understanding of our food system.
Specifically, which aspects of our food system, if any, interest you: food security/access, food deserts, reliance
on aquaculture, CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations), seed patenting, food deserts,
organic/conventional farming systems, the farm bill, commodity subsidization, etc.? If you perceive no issues,
how do you justify indifference in the face of increasing pressures from: cultural values, socio-economic and
social justice concerns, health issues, sustainability, animal welfare, etc.? Most importantly, having thoroughly
thought this through what, if anything, has changed for you in your perception of food, food delivery, your future
behavior, and feelings towards food as you developed this paper?
The paper should be at least 1,200-1,500 words. Your personal reflections are of course yours – feel free to
write in the first person in a reflective paper – when discussing issues and facts however you must cite sources
(since it is unlikely that any of us are nationally recognized experts on specific food issues). You should use
academic journals, if taken online the article must come through a trusted academic source (JSTOR, or any of
the MSU library data bases). You may use popular media such as: NY Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, etc.
but only for content that is current/new – no popular article older than one year. Wikipedia and other search
engine hits might serve as a useful starting point for source mining and a simplistic overview but will not be
acceptable for citing. Remember when you are discussing your family, feelings, opinions, conclusions, etc. no
citing is required, but when using the words and facts (either directly or when paraphrasing) of others you must
acknowledge the source.


Define these concepts as you conceive of them.

This paper is a personal philosophy paper. My personal philosophy in my nursing practice is quality care. The theorist that relates to this is Joanne Duffy. Therefore some of her books has to be incorporated.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze and synthesize your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm and their interrelationship to one another as they guide your current nursing practice.
Analyze the assumptions that form the bases for the development of your personal nursing philosophy. Explore which school of thought (e.g. analytical, continental, received view) with which your philosophy most closely aligns
Create a definition for each of the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm based on your personal philosophy:
a. Person/client
b. Environment
c. Health
d. Nursing
Suggest two (2) other concepts essential to your philosophy. Define these concepts as you conceive of them. Synthesize the interrelationship of these 2 concepts and the nursing paradigm according to your philosophical perspective.
Follow APA formatting throughout including Title page, abstract, body (with in-text citation and sub-headings as appropriate) and reference page. 15%
• Organization, no more than 5 pages in length, logical flow of ideas, grammar and
spelling 10%

Religion and Theology

“thesis topic”

“Thesis Topic”
Jesus’ crucifixion demonstrates to us that love triumphs over death.
Paper must show evidence
of in-depth consideration of your topic and must attempt to explain the topic’s relevance
to yourself and your worldview. You need not agree with the “traditional” view, and
should draw our own conclusions based upon your research. The focus is for you to research
and ask the hard questions about yourself, beliefs and draw your own conclusions. This
means taking time to read your sources enough to form an educated opinion. The
objective is to see “you” in the paper, and to ask what significance does this have for
you? Therefore, your paper should include the following:
Throughout the paper I want to see “you” and why this is significant for
you, (i.e. this should be personal, in the end or throughout, tell me what
makes it personal.) “After my research, I believe, or in this section I have
discovered, ……”
 Accurately cited sources (APA, see little brown handbook), For Bible
citations, just use chapter and verse, long quotes are not necessary.
 NO plagiarism, this includes usage of websites, online commentaries, or
thoughts and ideas that are not your own. If any of the above is used, it
must be carefully cited and used sparingly in the paper.
4 or more accredited sources, properly sited.


Define what virture is according to aristotle.

Define what virture is according to Aristotle. How many types if virtues are there? What are some types of virtues.
Use chapter 12 of the book uploaded as 1 source.